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Andrew - The 'Boss'

Lead graphic designer/programmer started the company back in 1999. Interested in everything 'technology' is a keen pilot flying foot-launched aircraft called paramotors. Is always up for a challenge, throw an interesting problem his way and he won't stop until its solved.

Hand drawn caravan park map
andrew scott-graphic designer and owner

Michael - Graphic Designer

Michael, Our junior graphic designer is the youngest member of the team, bringing enthusiasm and new ideas to the table every day. Interested in all things young men are into, cars, bikes, girls, gadgets etc. He's also a keen student pilot, learning to fly foot launched aircraft.

aerial photo of a caravan park
Michael scott our junior designer

William - Graphic Designer

William, our junior designer is the newest member to join the team. William is interested in all things I.T and he’s heavily into producing and editing videos.

william scott graphic designer