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Customise Postcode Maps Online & Save as PDF or Excel

Our postcode mapping tool is simple to use yet powerful at creating sales territory maps, delivery zone maps and coverage area maps. Used by thousands of businesses daily to produce colorful, informative maps which instantly convey the message intended. Colour a map by simply selecting a colour from a palette then clicking on the areas required. Save the map as an Adobe PDF file that can be sent directly to a printer, edited using adobe illustrator or emailed out to all your people. Try all the features of the map colouring system for free to see if you like it bufore making a purchase. Customising maps has never been simpler.

12th Jan 2017        Michael Scott        Maps

cool maps 2017

Well we finally made it to 2017! After a brutal 2016, here we are to hopefully live through a great year. In this article we’re going to go through the best maps of 2017. The following list of maps are accumulated from around the web. There have been so many huge events over the last year; from the deaths of some of the most popular celebrities in the world to the US election.

23rd Sept 2016        Michael Scott        Maps

The biggest empires of history

An infographic about some of the biggest colonial empires in history.
Throughout history much of the world has been ruled by empires. To be considered an empire an expanse of land must be politically led by either a monarch, an emperor, or be an oligarchy.
Conquering nations and relentlessly expanding their territories has always been a favorite past time of those in power. Whether it was the Romans, Greeks, or Ottomans, it seems that amassing resources, nations, and the pursuit of a powerful legacy played a huge role in the rise and fall of their empires. Although today we no longer see borders shifting back and forth so rapidly, the art of imperialism is still alive and well.

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